Work, school, little league, house cleaning, cooking, exercise, shopping, bill paying, birthday parties, vacations and trips, hair appointments, medical check-ups … all things we’re “supposed” to do. Things we’re supposed to balance and work into our everyday lives and execute flawlessly.


I am a calendar junky. I have to write things down and schedule them out if there is any hope for me to get it done. I have my paper planner (that I designed and printed myself because I'm that level of crazy), my work calendar, and my Gmail calendar to track all of my family stuff and personal events. All the digital lovelies are synced to my smartphone and watch so I don’t miss a beat.


But what happens when we get so into the scheduling and our to-do lists that we start living for the weekends, holidays, vacations, or some other special time where we might actually have blank space? We lose site of our days and can’t enjoy the moment. We lose sight of what it’s like to just be… To foster our relationships and just enjoy time together.


I totally get it! I’ve been there. Some days, I’m still there. I find myself thinking “If I can just get through the next few days, I can finally breathe.” Then those days can turn into weeks, months… then the next thing you know it Christmas again and you still haven’t taken down the damn tree.


But being busy is not a badge of honor. Do you want people to look back on your life and say “Wow… she was just always so busy. I really loved that about her.” If you do, okay… you do you. The rest of this message is not for you. Namaste! 


If not, then it’s time to make a change. It’s time to STOP living for the weekends. To figure out how to streamline those things you have to do so you can spend more time doing things you want to do.


Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to being intentional with your time so you can focus on togetherness with those you love most.