“Batman doesn’t do ships. As in relation-ships” -Batman via Lego Batman Movie


SPOILER ALERT: Batman learns that he does, in fact, need relationships and can’t do it all by himself. And he’s Batman! You, my friend, are not Batman so you definitely can’t do it alone.


But relationships are hard. Relationships with our spouses, kids, friends, family, and co-workers all have different needs and can be difficult to navigate. I don’t know about you, but I think it kind of sucks. I don’t always get it right as a wife (don’t get me wrong, I have my awesome moments). I fail as a Mom, daughter, granddaughter, and sister. I’m not the perfect co-worker. And I can honestly say making friends is the hardest thing I’ve had to do as an adult. #realtalk


But having healthy relationships are critical to a fulfilled life. We have this biological need as humans to bond and interact with other humans. But we each come to the table with our own baggage and expectations of how everyone around us is supposed to act, walk, talk, dress, parent, love, express themselves, blah blah blah. We’re all supposed to check off every box on our daily to-do lists while simultaneously being there for those who need us. HOW?


I don’t know.


But I’m trying. It’s time for us all to be intentional with our relationships. With how we support, guide, love, and shine light on others. We’re not always going to get it right. But if we can show up every day and promise to be a little bit better than the day before, I firmly believe our relationships will prosper because of it.


Work, school, little league, house cleaning, cooking, exercise, shopping, bill paying, birthday parties, vacations and trips… all things we’re “supposed” to do. 

It's Better Together


We’re raising the next generation, folks! And I don’t believe any of us have any idea what the hell we’re doing. 

Raising Humans