As long as I’ve known Devin, we’ve had one really interesting thing in common. When we need grounding, we tend to lean into a word. A single word that really means something. A word that defines a moment. Hell - that’s how Moxie came to be for Devin!

Right now my word is:


My definition:

Acts of humanity that reflect positivity, openness & love. Acts that put others first. Acts of self-love count too.

Here’s where I’m seeing it:

  • My neighbor dropping off bagels at my front door

  • Nextdoor posts offering extra hand sanitizer and toilet paper to folks who can’t get it in stores

  • Teachers sending “today’s sunshine” emails

  • Volunteers helping to feed kids at school drop off points

  • Coworkers who offer to take something off your plate to help balance the load

  • A boss who texts just to make sure the day is going well

  • Kids who problem solve instead of fighting (as much) because we’re all in one space

  • Whole Foods setting designated hours for vulnerable populations

These are little things in my neighborhood. What are you seeing in yours? What are you doing to help? My favorite book blogger, Modern Mrs. Darcy, called it doing “the next smallest thing.” That’s going to look different for everyone right now.

Here are a few on my list:

  • Go donate blood

  • Put up the Easter decorations (which my coworkers can see behind me on my Zoom calls)

  • When I make my grocery run, pick up flowers for the neighbor next door

  • Order a book or two from my local independent bookstore

  • Reach out to my kids’ teachers to see how I can help with their ed tech needs

  • FaceTime a mom friend to check in

  • Go for a walk and think grateful thoughts

I’m tagging all my LinkedIn posts with #humankindness. I challenge you to call out the humankindness around you. We need more of it!

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