Heart Yourself

Ah, February - the month of hearts, love, and my favorite: CHOCOLATE. It also tends to be a month where we spend so much of our time and energy pouring love and care into other people. Shopping for the perfect present or card, filling out dozens of valentines cards for our kids and their classmates, etc. OR… it’s a month we spend sad and bitter because we don’t have that special someone to celebrate with.

Well, not today, Pam! Not today. This month is going to be about loving OURSELVES. It’s about being intentional with pampering and showing ourselves a whole lot of grace and attention, getting to know who we are to our very core, and maybe starting to evaluate what we need to be the best possible versions of ourselves.

Call it self-care, self-development, self-discovery… who cares! Just take the time every single day to make sure you do it.

Here’s my plan for the next 7 days and what I’m doing to heart myself:

  • 2/1 - Jumping into Mel Robbins’ 35 day Mindset Reset - my best friend asked me to do this starting earlier this month and I was so excited! I did it for two days and fell off the wagon. But I’ve been following along with Mel and think she’s amazing. So I’m diving back in and learning to beat this damn anxiety.

  • 2/2 - Gettin’ my hair done

  • 2/3 - Bubble bath & reading Girl, Stop Apologizing

  • 2/4 - Monday Living Room Dance Party

  • 2/5 - Subscribing to a new podcast

  • 2/6 - Attending my first official yoga class in almost 9 years. BONUS: Jake’s coming too!

  • 2/7 - Write a self-love bucket list!

Need a place to get started? Here you go!

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