Earth Day

From the minute we knew we were going to be parents, we started daydreaming about our future child and all the things we wished for him.

We wished for him to be kind and compassionate, to always feel encouraged, loved, and accepted, to be courageous and cautious, and so much more. We also wished for him to cherish and appreciate this Earth and our places on it.

As he's gotten older, this has been a recurring theme in our family and it has been so much fun to watch him take it to heart.

We've watched him pick up trash and litter without prompting him to.

He loves all animals, insects, and everything in between.

We shook our heads in embarrassment (and a little pride) after witnessing a stranger on Halloween drop her empty chip bag on the ground and walk away, and our precious four-year-old responded "HEY! It's NOT NICE to litter! That hurts the Earth!"

He understands where to put his recyclable items in the pantry.

And this weekend he got to build a flower bed from scratch with his Daddy.

The bottom line is we agree with NASA and 97% of climate scientists that we as human beings are destroying our home and that global warming is very real. We've seen the research that shows the past 4 years are the hottest on record and breaks down other myths and truths about this issue. We want to do what we can to help and if little things like giving up straws, recycling, and conserving energy will help just a tiny bit, we're all for it. We only have one Earth, and we will love her as much as we can.

Happy Earth Day, friends! Go out and do something kind for her today.

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