Choose Kindness TODAY is an AMAZING organization with a simple, yet powerful mission: to educate and inspire people to choose kindness. And February 17, 2019 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day!

So, yes… every single day should be random acts of kindness day. You should do nice things for people for NO REASON. But it seems like we tend to get so focused on our routines and checking things off of our to-do lists that we forget to be intentional with spreading joy and kindness.

What better way to fight the negativity than with Random Acts of Kindness? I'd rather see my feed filled with this kind of stuff. Wouldn't you?

Here are some ideas:

  • Grab a friend and volunteer together

  • Take your kids for a walk and teach them about cleaning up and taking care of the earth

  • Compliment a stranger

  • Give a blanket or a food gift card to a homeless person in need

  • Buy someone’s coffee

  • Text a friend (or family member) just to see how they’re doing

  • Tip your server EXTRA well

  • Take cookies or a treat to your local fire or police stations

  • Hold the door open for people

  • Bring breakfast for your coworkers

  • Strike up a conversation with a stranger

  • Send flowers to someone anonymously

  • Recycle

Or, check out some more here or on my 'Community' Pinterest board!

Whatever you do today, do it with kindness. And, hey - maybe continue the practice and try to do something kind EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

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