Book Rec: High Performance Habits

“If we seek to experience life and all its emotions and yet choose to feel centered, happy, strong, and loving right through the ups and downs, then we’ve accomplished something powerful.”


I'm honestly having trouble putting it into words... I've never had a book impact me as much as this one has. He gives practical, fact and researched based tips on how to show up for your own life.

His 'HP6' of seeking clarity, generating energy, raising necessity, increasing productivity, developing influence, and demonstrating courage are total freaking GAME CHANGERS.

Every single chapter gave me tools that I started implementing immediately and have had a huge impact on my self-development. It's amazing.

Some of my favorite quotes from the book:

  • “Be more intentional about who you want to become. Have vision beyond your current circumstances. Imagine your best future self, and start acting like that person today.”

  • “When you learn the difference between busywork and your life’s work, that’s the first step on the path of purpose.”

  • “Clarity is the child of careful thought and mindful experimentation. It comes from asking yourself questions continually and further refining your perspective on life.”

  • “What we do with what we have tends to be far more important than what we have in the first place.”

Get yourself a copy! Seriously. Do yourself a favor and GET THIS BOOK.




You can even get it for FREE if it's still available here.

Or, listen for FREE on Season 4 of his podcast.

Follow him on his website and through all of his amazing events, courses, blog posts, events, and more.

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