Authors That Make Me Happy: My Top 10

Did you know I love to read? You did? Oh.

Well, great! I don't need to go on a rant about the importance and power of reading, why I believe it makes us better humans, how it strengthens relationships, etc., and can just dive into the good stuff, right?

There can be a whole lot of suck associated with social media. Political posts every two seconds, creepy ads for stuff you've only thought about and never voiced out loud, embarrassing family members posting your nicknames for people to see - but there's a lot of good too. For me, that's how AMAZING the book community is. There are people in groups talking about nothing but the authors and books they love. They're making shirts and coffee mugs with their favorite quotes, they're posting book releases, and celebrating the people who make their lives a little bit better through their amazing talent of writing. How cool is that?

My favorite authors are people I respect, who are incredibly talented, and that I've engaged with (or even discovered for the first time) through the power of social media.

So, if you're a fellow booklover who is looking for recommendations on books to read or people to add to your feed, you can't do better than these:

  • Jamie McGuire - THE QUEEN. For me, the rest of this list evolved from my love of Jamie's books. I picked up Beautiful Disaster and the game changed. I read the rest of the series, all the other books she had, and then started working my way through more recommendations that led me to the lovely ladies listed below. You should see my "Jamie Shelves" in my home office. Read all you want but, just know - Trent is mine.

  • Meghan March - The cliffhanger princess. GAH! She keeps me right on the edge of my seat every time. She has some of the BEST anti-heroes and strong female leads around. I'd recommend getting started with her Beneath series. Plus, she's engaged to a guy named Jake so I feel like we should form a club. #JakeLoversClub We could get jackets!

  • K.A. Linde - Angst. For. Life. I swear, she gets me in the feels more than anyone else. I'll find myself so mad for absolutely no reason. Then I realized I'm angsty over the book of hers I'm reading. It's pretty powerful to get an author who makes you feel to the level she does. Plus, her Ascension series is one of my favorite YA/Fantasy of all time. I'm going to cry when it's over.

  • Harper Sloan (& Felicia Lynn) - Yes, I'm aware they're two different people. Yes, I'm going to list them as one. Not only are they both wonderful authors, they are the best #friendshipgoals I've ever seen. Seriously... it's amazing. I even have to keep their books next to each other on my shelf because I just feel like that's how it has to be. (Yes, I'm neurotic) But Harper's Corps Security series and Felicia's Learning Curve series are so fun. I can re-read them over and over again.

  • Kristen Proby - One-click every. single. time. She writes the best feel-good strories with some badass leading ladies. You can't go wrong with her With Me In Seattle series or her Fusion series.

  • Jay Crownover - A tattooed, colored-hair badass. She writes a lot of happily-ever-afters with rough-around-the-edges characters you'll fall in love with. Her Marked Men series is where it's at.

  • Meghan Quinn - Whether you're in the mood for something to make you giggle or cry, chances are you can find it with one of Meghan's books. Dear Life is one of my faves.

  • Kendall Ryan - Short and steamy books for days. If you're looking for a short, feel-good book with some steamy romance, Kendall is your girl. The Roommates series is fun!

  • Sarah J. Maas - One of the most talented storytellers of this time period. Seriously. Her ACOTAR and Throne of Glass series are two of my absolute favorites. I re-read them over and over and over.

  • Karen Marie Moning - Her Fever series made me want to quit my job, pack up my family, and move to Ireland. I'd drink beer and hunt fairies all day every day. I don't even care.

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