Affirmations & Mental Triggers

Affirmations typically refers to practicing positive thinking as a way of self-empowerment. It sticks with the whole concept of “like attracts like” and if you have a positive mental attitude, you’ll live a positive life.

Last week, we talked a bit about Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Habits. One of the biggest takeaways I had from that book was the different triggers/reminders he sets for himself to keep himself on track throughout the day. He has several themes and mantras that he utilizes throughout the day in simple, yet powerful, ways. (You can read more about his “triggers” on pg. 109 of his book.)

This is something I sort of did already, but he helped me break it down in an easy-to-use way. I’ve turned these triggers/reminders into powerful affirmations. By taking the time to refocus my energy and reflect on my actions throughout the day, I’m slowly training my brain to see the positive in everything. Keeping a positive, happy mindset helps me feel more energetic and motivated throughout my day and has already made a huge impact on my life.

Here’s how I do it:

Alarms - You have a smartphone, use it! I have alarms go off every day at 10:30 AM, 2:00 PM, and 6:30 PM to help me remember to be Kind, Brave, and Incredible. No matter where I am, when these go off I spend a few seconds 1.) thinking if I’ve been that so far today and 2.) asking myself if I’m being those things right now.

3 words - In addition to my alarms, I pick three words every morning that I want to focus on for the day. The best part is - I do this with my son. On our way to school, we both declare our words for the day. Nice, kind, smart, hardworking, good listener, happy, fast runner, good climber, patient, friendly, brave… it’s a fun dose of four-year-old craziness and authenticity that starts our day off on the right foot.

Transition - every time you transition throughout the day, pause for a few seconds. When you sit down at your desk for the first time that day, head into a meeting, pick up the phone, go pick up your child from school, walk in your front door, etc., stop and take the time to be intentional with your transition. For example:

Every time I sit down at my desk I ask myself: “What is my priority right now? What am I needing to accomplish? or Who needs me to be on my game today?”

Every time I walk into a meeting I tell myself: “Listen, question, and be brave.”

Every time I park my car and get ready to walk in my house after work I say: “What’s done is done. What qualities do I want my family to think about me? How do I inspire that today?”

Every time I go workout I tell myself: “This should suck. You should push yourself to be better now so it pays off in 40 years.”

Taking a moment to notice each transition throughout the day helps keep me out of my tunnel vision. Instead of just blindly checking items off of my to-do list, I’m truly living my life and recognizing everything I’m committing to for the day. Add in a quick 60 second meditation or breathing exercise to help take it a step further. As Brendon says, “RELEASE TENSION, SET INTENTION.”

Word of the Month - the first of the month is one of my favorite days. Every time a new month rolls around, I take some time to think of my key word/affirmation/intention for the next 28-31 days. It helps me set my goals for the month, plan which books and podcast I listen to, and gives me a way to measure my personal progress. At the end of each week I look back on my word and evaluate what I’ve done well or what I need to improve on.

There are a ton of different ways you can set reminders and triggers for yourself throughout the day. Ask yourself questions about how your day is going to go while in the shower. Set up mantras/reflection prompts when you’re waiting in a line, going into a meeting, cooking dinner, going to the bathroom, when you’re feeling stressed/anxious/tired, etc. Small changes can make a HUGE impact over time. Get started today!

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