We’ve talked about limiting beliefs, stress, anxiety, and other things that get in our way when it comes to living our best lives and going after what we want. They’re amazing things to be aware of because when we know what’s getting in our way, we can develop tools to deal with these things as they come up.

I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about the things in my life that get in my way and why I keep letting it happen when I know better. After much reflection and late-night discussions with my husband, I think I finally have my answer…

I’m afraid. I’m afraid that everyone around me is smarter than I am. I’m afraid of messing up as a parent and not having a relationship with my kid when he’s an adult. I’m afraid of ‘trying’ to get pregnant because if I don’t try, it won’t hurt so much if it doesn’t happen. I’m afraid to write down or shout out my big goals in case they don’t happen. I’m afraid what kind of world we’re creating for future generations.

In a lot of ways, I use my fear to push myself to fight back, to speak up, and to advocate for change. But so, sooooo often, I use it as an excuse.

I’m so afraid of failure and disappointment that I let my limiting belief that I’m not enough get in my way.

For years I didn’t workout because I didn’t know how to do a push-up. I didn’t want to vote because of my lack of knowledge on the government and I didn’t feel smart enough or important enough to voice my beliefs. Just this week, I almost let my fear of not being smart enough keep me from speaking up at work. It wasn’t until my husband called me on it that I realized I was in my pattern of walking away because I was afraid. Better safe than sorry, right?

NO. It’s not right. If I spend my life playing it safe and bowing down to my fears, I’m going to wake up in 30-40 years full of regret. Despite my other healthy habits and good intentions, my fear has the power to keep me from being intentional with my life and finding my Moxie.

If you feel the same, then I strongly encourage you to try Mel Robbins’ audible original: Take Control of Your Life - How to Silence Fear and Win the Mental Game. It has a free handout/workbook to go with it to really help you get everything you can out of her guidance. I’ve barely started but am loving it so far.

I’m not settling for letting fear win. I WILL beat this because there are tools out there to help me. As part of my Seeing 20:20 by 2020, I’m gonna kick fear in the face. Who’s with me?

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