I saw a quote once that said:


“We expect women to work like they don’t have children and raise children as if they don’t work.”

Any other working Mamas out there?? I remember how hard my first day going back to work after maternity leave was and how many people told me “It will get easier.” But it wasn’t true.


Real talk? It never got easier. Yes, our routines improved, he got used to being away from Mommy and Daddy, and I got used to the hustle and bustle of a work week with a baby. I put on my I’ve-got-it-all-together face and took it an hour at a time. But every time one of us had a bad day I couldn’t help but think, what’s the point? Why am I allowing someone else to raise my child to be at a job that doesn’t make me happy or fulfilled? The baby got older, my job changed (twice), but I still found this question popping up. I’ve never got past the guilt of being a working mom. I just haven’t.


What I have done, is learn to appreciate our time at home. I’ve been more intentional with what precious hours we do have in between school and work. I've learned to give myself some grace when I don't get it right. When I yell, when I have days where it feels like all I'm doing is nagging or trying to get my son to stop doing something, when I just flat out feel that I suck as a mother.


With a full-time job, a husband who works a shift schedule and is gone for 24 of every 72 hours, and a four-year-old who is at school full-time for the first time, it’s not easy. There are days we get it all wrong. But we try our best.


We’re raising the next generation, folks! And I don’t believe any of us have any idea what the hell we’re doing. But I believe it truly takes a village (or a tribe) to raise decent, kind individuals, and that we can all learn from others on how to be better. I’ll be doing my best to share tips, tricks, and parenting fails and hope you all join me. Stay tuned!