For Imperfect People &

Moxie – noun: force of character, determination or nerve.

Our mission at Moxie is helping people to live intentionally with thoughtfulness, empathy, and care.
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Moxie is all about the drive and determination to be courageous enough to live life intentionally. Not necessarily minimalist or simple living, but being intentional with your interactions with your family and your community, with where and how you spend your money, and the way you take care of yourself inside and out. It’s about having the nerve to take a look at who you currently are and unapologetically becoming the person you were meant to be - whatever that looks like for you.

All too often, I’ve witnessed people just kind of floating through life. Getting stuck in the same routine day in an day out of waking up, going to work (often at a job they didn’t particularly like or enjoy), coming home to watch an hour or two of TV or play on their phones, going to bed, then waking up the next day to start all over again. They get so complacent in their routines that weeks, months, or even years go by before they notice they’ve missed it.

It = life.

They missed playing and enjoying their kids growing up. They missed traveling and experiences food and cultures different than where they grew up or have lived. They missed taking the time to go after that dream or goal they’ve always wondered about. They don’t know who they are or what they want because they’ve never taken the time to truly understand themselves. There are so many facts and reasons behind this, but I don’t believe one of them is acceptable. If we’re “too busy”, let’s get un-busy. If we’re too afraid, let’s beat the fear. If we’ve lost sight of who we are because we’re busy conforming to others expectations, let’s fix it!

Who we are and who we were put on this earth to be can’t be defined by anyone other than US. Our happiness is up to us. We deserve love, encouragement, grace and support as we are NOW.

I’m looking for people who will join me. Who will have the courage and moxie to look into ourselves (the good, the bad, and everything in between) and be intentional with the lives we lead and the legacies we leave. Who are willing to acknowledge imperfection, accept it, learn, and grow from it. People who will open their minds and their arms to others. People unwilling to get complacent and let life pass them by. People who can look past those labels and barriers we hide behind and build a community of light. Together, we are fierce - we are Moxie.